Corona Virus Measures

To all customers, suppliers and partners of F. Zimmermann GmbH:

The current status at F. Zimmermann GmbH is that we have no indication of a confirmed corona case in the workforce.

We do everything in our power to ensure the health of our employees and to guarantee the maintenance of business operations!

With this letter we would like to inform you about all measures taken by Zimmermann.


  • Installation: from 13.03.2020, until further notice
  • Session: daily at 8:30 a.m. 
  • Task: Evaluation of current developments, adoption of measures and decisions, definition of communication channels.
  • Communication of decisions to the workforce: daily, by email newsletter
  • Contact: Frieder Gänzle, Eva Gänzle


  • Increased hygiene measures
    • Ban on shaking hands
    • Behaviour when sneezing/coughing
    • Distance for contact with persons (1,5m)
    • Observe hand disinfection possibilities and hand cleaning with soap
    • Avoid crowds as far as possible
  • Service technicians in the field are no longer brought into the house. Resource planning is done by telephone and e-mail. Service requests are checked individually and a decision is made whether we can make an assignment. Personal contacts with customers are to be reduced to a minimum.
  • Business trips must be approved by GL.
  • Visits by external persons should be avoided wherever possible. External visits must be approved by the management.  Safety and hygiene measures will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Meetings: are to be limited to the bare essentials. Where possible, the telephone should be used to make arrangements. We will procure web meeting licenses to enable internal telephone conferences including the possibility of video conferencing or screen sharing. In the short term, freeware is to be used for this.
  • Home office: People with computer workstations who have to look after their children due to school and kindergarten closures will be given the opportunity to work from home. Several employees have been working from home since the beginning of week 12. The possibilities to extend this are currently being created.
    Other home office solutions are individually agreed and regulated by the management.
  • key persons: We have identified key persons and have separated them physically so that they do not fall out together in a quarantine case.
  • Building separation: There are 4 spatially separated areas: Administration, Competence Center Technology, Hall 1 and Hall 2. Each employee is only allowed to be in the building in which his workplace is located! Excluded from this are members of FK1. Special regulations must be approved by GL.


Thank you very much for your understanding and support in this really challenging situation!

We will keep you informed! Keep your optimism and stay healthy!

Service for your machine still guaranteed

  • Service telephone number: +49 7158 948 955-237
    Mon-Fri 7 am - 10 pm, Sat until 12 o'clock
  • Service E-Mail:
  • Spare parts dispatch currently ensured
  • Service assignments currently possible
  • We are increasingly focusing on remote diagnostic access
  • Service checklist can be requested