Machining steel economically

F. Zimmermann develops compact, economically efficient portal milling machines that give users the versatility to machine not only aluminum but also high-strength steels.

Gaining an advantage when the going gets tough 

Model and mold makers are currently faced with a range of pressures. Whereas, in the past, they often specialized in the machining of certain materials such as aluminum, plastics, Ureol or carbon-fiber/glass-fiber reinforced plastics, they now have to cover a much wider spectrum if they are to remain competitive. The automotive industry, in particular, needs high-quality steel injection molding tools. However, due to space constraints and often also to financial considerations, manufacturers are committed to lean machine pools. What they want therefore are multi-purpose systems, i.e. high-performance cutting solutions that can efficiently mill not only easy-to-handle but also tough materials. Daniel Demlang, Deputy Head of Design Engineering and Development at F. Zimmermann GmbH, knows all about the challenges facing his customers – and also knows the solutions.

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