Opening up new horizons: The first Horizontal machining center FZH

F. Zimmermann GmbH has brought its first horizontal machining center onto the market.

The new model range is particularly useful for efficient machining of standard components for the aircraft industry. It has two special newly developed features - the pallet handling and the travelling column. The new machining center also stands out for its unbeatable value for money.

The key element of the new FZH400 5-axis horizontal machining center is a robust water-cooled travelling column. Common designs have the drawback that their deviation increases as the slide extends, owing to a lever effect. This is not the case with the column design of the new FZH400. With increasing penetration into the material the guide carriage distance increases, and that increases the rigidity – in contrast to commonly available solutions. The stepped drive guide ensures a perfectly constant geometry along the Z axis as well as maximum rigidity in sensitive areas of the workpiece.

Milling heads from Zimmermann

For excellent results, Zimmermann offers an innovative family of milling heads that have proved their worth in gantry machines throughout the world. An outstanding example is the patented M3 ABC 3-axes milling head. It increases the efficiency of the horizontal machining center even more because it has to perform only very small swivelling movements, especially when milling pockets in workpieces. This makes it possible to maintain a constant advance rate.

Minimal idle times as standard

Already in the standard version, the FZH400 features an integral pallet handling system with pallet changing during machine time. The handling system enables reliable transport of pallets without sagging. This makes it especially suitable for long pallets. Pallets are raised and lowered in such a way that the load is balanced, thus almost eliminating bending and torsion forces. All of this applies to the standard version. The pallet system is extendable. If necessary, users can add a pallet station or equip the system with additional pallet changers. The standard automation system permits easy interfacing with the master computer and efficient linking of multiple systems.

The machine builder becomes a solution provider

The machine has a configurable modular design and is extremely compact. No special foundation is necessary; a standard factory floor is sufficient for anchoring. Users can thus put the machine into operation more quickly and have much greater flexibility when setting it up. Turnkey solutions are available from Zimmermann on request. Its specialists configure the system, provide suitable clamping devices, handling solutions and tools, and write NC programs for the components that are to be manufactured. Production can start immediately.

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