Taking responsibility together.

Integrity, fairness and partnership are integral to our understanding of value-based action. We also want to live up to our social responsibility by voluntarily committing to comply with environmental standards That’s because sustainable action is part of our corporate culture and products.

Our Code of Conduct helps us make the right decisions by providing us with the information and support we need to recognize critical situations and know where to find support or help.

Not only ourselves, but also all our suppliers are committed to this Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct F. Zimmermann GmbH

Code of Conduct suppliers

Sustainable procurement of raw materials

Whistleblower system at F. Zimmermann

You have the option of contacting our Compliance Department in person or electronically. Every information is treated as strictly confidential and every person who makes a report is protected. Informants can also decide for themselves whether they wish to remain anonymous.

T: +49 711 892 173 92
E: Zimmermannunternehmensgruppe@gidd-service.de

Compliance at F. Zimmermann

We are committed to our Code of Conduct. If you notice any violations of these rules, we offer you the opportunity to report your concerns to us using the form below. To submit your concern or a note to us, please fill out the following form in as much detail as possible. The collection of personal data allows us to contact you if any queries are required. You can submit the form also anonymously if you wish.

    Step 1

    We realize that this incident may not have occurred at a specific location; however, if this incident relates to a writing or other document or business transaction, please indicate accordingly.

    Step 2

    E.g. John Doe, Senior auditor

    Please enter a general description. You will be asked for details later.

    Step 3

    Ex: Ignored it, Changed documents, Said it wasn't a problem, He/She said would follow up on the problem.

    Note: Please take your time and provide as much detail as possible. However, when doing so, be careful not to provide any information that could reveal your identity unless you wish to do so. In some cases, it is important to know if you are the only person who is aware of this situation.