Horizontal and you

To new horizons

Zimmermann’s horizontal machining centers feature pioneering new developments and high-performance milling spindles. They make it possible to manufacture aerospace industry components from a wide range of different materials. The rigid machine bed of the innovative travelling column unit and the highly dynamic Zimmermann milling heads ensure an efficient milling process. The automation system, which is supplied as standard, and the newly developed pallet handling capability are integral components of the horizontal machining centers.

Used in combination with the highly dynamic Zimmermann milling heads, the FZH ensures an extremely efficient milling process during the machining of aluminum and composites.

Pallet handling system as standard

The FZH standardly features an integral pallet handling system with pallet changing during machine time. The handling system enables reliable transport of pallets without sagging. This makes it especially suitable for long pallets. Pallets are raised and lowered in such a way that the load is balanced, thus almost eliminating bending and torsion forces. The pallet system is easily extendable.

Innovative column system

Core technology of the 5-axis Horizontal Machining Center FZH is a water-cooled column system. The innovative traveling column design provides increased stiffness. With increasing depth of immersion into the material, the guide carriage distance increases, thus ensuring more accurate results. See video

Technical Data

Working Ranges


4 100 – 26 100 mm (161" – 1028")


1 600/2 100/2 600 mm (63"/83"/102")


650/850 mm (26"/33")

Clamping Pallet

Length x Width x Height

from 4 100 x 1 600 x 250 mm (161" x 63" x 10")

Pallet Loading (max.)

≥ 4 000 kg

Threaded Sockets

M16 (standard)

Grid Dimension

200 x 200 mm (8" x 8")

Drives - Linear Axes

Rate of Feed X-axis

60 m/min (2 362 ipm)

Rate of Feed Y-, Z-axis

40 m/min (1 575 ipm)

Acceleration X-, Y-, Z-axis

6 m/s² (236 in/s²)


Y1-axis (Lifting axis)

approx. 2200 mm (87")

Z1-axis (Feeding axis)

approx. 4800 mm (189")

Number of Pallets

2 units

Pallet Changing Time

approx. 4 minutes

Connections Ports on the Pallet

1 x Vacuum Port (optional)

Safety Housing

Safety Housing Protection Fence, Safety Glasses

Light Beam Sensors

Pallet Changing Concept

1 x Set-up Unit, 1 x Storage Unit