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Accurate to the last µ.

Maximum precision and an excellent surface finishing quality paired with an economical and sustainable processing. We are offering the ideal solution for your demands– starting with classic automotive manufacturing, including commercial vehicles, leading all the way to motorsports. Our new portal design effortlessly achieves maximum precision and excellent surface finishing qualities. Our portal milling machines offer an optimal price-performance ratio for a large quantity of applications, for both light materials, as well as tempered tool steel.


Model construction design

For vehicle design models, first priority is high surface quality with high machine dynamics. With its thermo-symmetrical design, we furthermore minimize reworking processes and achieve maximum precision despite varying ambient temperatures, even if these persist for longer periods of time.


Control gauges, cubing, jig and fixture constructions, and prototypes

Our milling machines offer maximum flexibility. By providing vast work spaces, individual configurations and extensive optional packages, we offer our customers the ideal solution for changing applications.


Tool and mold making

High mechanical basic accuracy, as well as the design and optimization of all drive and guide systems, form the base for maximum accuracy and a perfect surface quality. Optionally, we also offer high accuracy packages, which are adjusted to the individual customer requirements. Ask for a milling test!

Zimmermann x Schröter



“For us, Zimmermann is the first choice. Zimmerman offers the best complete package available in regards to different materials for a machine.”

Maximilian Lörzel
CEO, Schröter Modell- und Formenbau GmbH

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