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Durable design and large volume machining, meet unusual geometries and machining strategies. Our portal machines intended for the industry offer optimal solutions for various applications. With outstanding precision and efficiency, they allow complex milling procedures and an efficient machining of components of various sizes and materials. Trust in our machines, to optimally meet your industrial milling demands.


Machine and system construction

We feel at home when it comes to the construction of wind turbines as well as in the general mechanical engineering. Ranging from large turn-milling machines for rotationally symmetric components like bearing cages or turbine rings, all the way to classical 5-axis portal milling machines for processing geometrical machine components – we offer the perfect solution for your needs.


Railway vehicles

Our milling machines reach an availability rate greater than 96%, according to the calculation principles of the German Association of Engineers (VDI). By incorporating an intelligent guide design and robust drive components, Zimmermann machines meet all requirements for processing large-scale aluminum profiles or flat structural aluminum components.


Ship construction

Already today, large bronze or copper alloy ship propellers up to a diameter of 6 meters, can be processed in our modern tooling machines. Furthermore, we were also already able to prove our capabilities in processing laminated moulds in yacht construction. We rise to your challenges and gladly provide our advice regarding an optimal processing strategy.

Zimmermann x OTTO FUCHS KG

“Zimmermann satisfied our requests and we received a customized milling machine, which we are able to use for our component production with great flexibility. Our cooperation with Zimmermann has been highly constructive.”


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