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At Zimmermann, we keep a number of our portal milling machines and horizontal milling centers in stock. The following machines are available with particularly short delivery times. We will be pleased to inform you about other planned stock machines upon request.

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FZ33c von Außen, geschlossen. Fräskopf durch Fenster in linker Tür sichtbar.


VH30: 74 kW (S1), 30,000 rpm
X=2,500 mm, Y=4,000 mm, Z=1,500 mm
Heidenhain TNC 640

Available now!

FZU von Außen, geschlossen. Fräskopf im Inneren durch Fenster in linker Tür sichtbar.


VH10: 34 kW (S1), 24,000 rpm
X=2,000 mm, Y=3,000 mm, Z=1,250 mm
Heidenhain TNC 640

Available now!

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Experience how close maximum mechanical accuracy comes to perfection. Our milling solutions guarantee the highest quality and precision.

Horizontal Machining Centers

FZH from Zimmermann has pioneering new developments and powerful milling spindles. This allows components to be manufactured from a wide variety of materials. In combination with our milling heads, the FZH enables a highly efficient milling process for machining aluminium and composites.

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The smallest details and largest dimensions, speed and thoroughness, performance and economy - these are the areas of tension in which we operate successfully. The satisfaction of our customers always takes centre stage.


With every Zimmermann solution, we also sell our customers the good feeling of security.