„The most important criterion in our customers' purchasing decisions: trust.“

Frieder Gänzle


Eva Gänzle

Head of Commercial Department
In-house Lawyer

Daniel Demlang


The Zimmermann spirit did not come about by chance. Since the company was founded in 1933, we have focused on material removal and the modification of the external contour of various materials. And we have also looked very closely at the question of what it is that drives different industries forward. From the development of the first portal milling machine through to the design of our proprietary milling heads – we draw our inspiration from an active dialog with our customers. Because only in this way is it possible to create milling solutions that are not only exceptionally powerful but also meet the varying demands of different industrial sectors.

In 1933, F. Zimmermann GmbH is founded by Friedrich Zimmermann in the Swabian town of Denkendorf near Stuttgart. The company is engaged in electrical installation and contract work in mechanical manufacturing until the mid-1950s.

With the development of the first machine in 1956, more and more Zimmermann machines are used in model making. Convinced of the good quality, the industry trusts in the milling machines, band saws and grinding machines, and not only in Germany. Zimmermann becomes the world market leader in the field of conventional model making machines. An era that lasts until 1993.

The excellent brand image as well as the market and quality leadership in the field of conventional model making machines induces Rudolf Gänzle to take over 100% of the shares in F. Zimmermann GmbH from the Zimmermann family in 1994. At the same time he rents the company premises with a total area of approx. 11,000 sqm and a floor space of approx. 6,500 sqm from the Zimmermann family. Rudolf Gänzle becomes managing partner of F. Zimmermann GmbH.

The decisive development occurs in 1995: the first CNC-controlled 3-axis portal milling machine. With this, Zimmermann takes the important development step towards CNC milling machines, which will shape the company in the years to come. This is followed by further development to 3+1 axes up to 5-axis simultaneous machining. Zimmermann thus responds optimally to the industry-specific requirements of the target group in model, mold and tool making. 

To meet the necessary demand from China, Zimmermann establishes a subsidiary including a service center in Beijing in 2002. In the same year, the first 5-axis machine is sold to a company in the aircraft industry. 

Two years later, the subsidiary "Zimmermann Inc." is founded in the USA.

Zimmermann continues to grow and the company premises in Denkendorf reach their limits. In 2005, Rudolf Gänzle therefore decides to rent and finally purchase a 14,000 square meter factory site with 6,000 square meters of floor space in nearby Neuhausen auf den Fildern.

Frieder Gänzle joins the company in 2014. In a ceremonial act, Rudolf Gänzle hands over the symbolic baton of leadership to his son in 2017. 

In 2015, Zimmermann begins developing the "horizontal milling machines" product line in response to the individual requirements of customers in the aerospace industry. In 2017, the first plant is put into operation. 

In 2016, the company premises in Neuhausen are expanded to include an assembly hall with offices and social rooms, which is inaugurated the following year. The new "Competence Center Technology" covers 3,000 square meters of office space and social rooms of 1,800 square meters.  

Zimmermann Inc." in the USA also receives a new building with office space and social rooms as well as a usable area that can be used as a showroom and assembly area. In total, Zimmermann is building up to 1,230 sqm in the USA.