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At Zimmermann, we share your passion for outstanding precision and total attention to detail. With milling solutions that mobilize the automotive industry – from model making and mold construction, through vehicle design and on to the production of jigs and gages. In cooperation with you, we develop individual system concepts that surpass the requirements for your application. Because when it comes to the efficient implementation of the overall process and the best possible surface quality for the fi nished product, our tolerances are practically zero. Just like those of our machines.

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Custom-built multi-purpose solution: Zimmermann for Schröter Modellbau

„We have been working together with Zimmermann on a basis of trust and confidence for many years. We now possess five portal milling machines that constantly make us a pioneering partner for our customers. Our Zimmermann milling machines can handle practically any material – from polystyrene to steel. Whether it be design models, motor sports applications, cubing models, prototypes, 5-axis milled parts, molding patterns, sheet steel forming tools or composite components – we always manufacture in close proximity to our customers. And we can always fully rely on our Zimmermann machines.“


Vehicle design

In the vehicle design field in particular, it is necessary to achieve precise results and outstanding surface quality. Because here every little detail counts. And wherever functional, ergonomic and esthetic geometries are required, milling machines made by Zimmermann will surpass your expectations. Because Zimmermann’s milling solutions work to minimal tolerances that maximize the precision of the resulting products. Alongside the customized working areas that permit the 1:1 machining of vehicle models, the small interfering contours of the Zimmermann milling heads also play a central role. With our machines, your visions become a reality.

Prototype construction

From composites to steel – Zimmermann’s versatile machine concepts make it possible to handle a huge range of different materials. Depending on the type of application and intended use, we will work with you to configure an appropriate milling solution that guarantees you all the performance you need. Thanks to our many years of experience in both the dry and wet machining of aluminum and composites, you can rely on Zimmermann’s milling solutions to deliver high-precision results. And always to be exceptionally economical within the context of the overall milling process.  

Model making and mold making

With Zimmermann’s milling solutions, model and mold makers give form to the first draft designs of a product. Whether the demand is for individual parts or small series – whenever outstanding precision is required, Zimmermann is the solution. And has been for more than 60 years. Thanks to the close partnership between Zimmermann and all its customers, the company has been able to closely address the needs of the industry from the day it was founded and develop the corresponding milling solutions. And that is as true today as it always has been.

Tool making

Whenever complex tools have to be manufactured, Zimmermann’s milling solutions are the perfect answer for your application. To meet the growing demands of the industry, it is necessary to supply milling solutions of outstanding versatility for the machining of different materials such as zamak, steel and cast iron. The use of motor spindles, combined with powerful torque motors in the rotation axes of Zimmermann’s milling machines, makes it possible to achieve high-precision results in a record time.

Jig and gage construction

Large working areas, maximized surface quality and outstanding precision – whenever you need outstanding precision for your jig and gage construction activities, Zimmermann can supply an unrivalled range of machines. The low-wear, rack-and-pinion drive technology and great structural stability ensure an optimum milling process. The additional component cooling guarantees that the temperature is held constant – you can always rely on the quality of Zimmermann’s milling solutions for a vast range of different materials.


The high level of mechanical precision of all Zimmermann milling solutions means that they are particularly suitable for the production of many different types of cubing models. With Zimmermann’s high-precision milling machines, there is no need to rework any parts. This has a massive impact on the overall machining time and permits the high-speed production of top-quality, high-precision models. Based on our many years of experience in the field of clamping technology, we will work with you to develop the optimum machine concept for your application.

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