Powerful and rigid.

The FZU42 CNC portal milling machine is suitable for simultaneous 5-axis machining of a wide range of materials such as aluminum, steel and titanium. It does not require a fixed machine foundation and can be flexibly installed on solid industrial floors. Its reinforced base plate, which can withstand a maximum weight of up to 15 tons, and the eight support elements reduce vibrations during the milling process - the basic prerequisite for maximum accuracy and optimum surface quality of the workpieces.

The side walls filled with special concrete, the encapsulated working area, the fixed machine table and the thermosymmetrically center-guiding portal, make this milling solution a real power package. The combination of high stability and rigidity, constant moving masses and dynamic drive meet the industry-specific requirements of mold and tool manufacturers in particular.

Suitable Milling Heads

Powerful and flexible – for the really difficult milling tasks

The drives, which incorporate zero-play torque motors, ensure outstanding dynamic behavior and maximum material removal rates in the machining of different materials. This extremely efficient milling head features a flexible MuST® spindle change system for precise execution of complex milling jobs. Roughing and finishing of various workpieces can be carried out without reclamping, which considerably reduces setup times.

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Highest temperature stability thanks to mono block design made of cast iron

The integrated vibration and vibration damping ensures maximum surface quality and cutting performance. Due to the backlash-free drive, the 2-axis milling head achieves precise positioning and repeat accuracy. Suitable for HSC machining of aluminum, CFRP and GRP, achieves a maximum performance in volume cutting.

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Maximum Precision at highest temperature stability

This design ensures outstanding temperature stability and posses- ses integrated oscillation and vibration damping for even greater milling precision. The A-axis is powered by a zero-play torque drive package, and the C-axis is powered directly by a torque motor. A liquid cooling system dissipates the heat from simultaneous machining. Both heads are suitable for milling aluminum, composites, steel and cast iron.

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Combines high torque with high rotation speeds

The A-axis drive employs dual torque motors with electronic pre-load for backlash elimination. The C-axis has a direct torque drive. The enables rapid an high precision positioning. With its symmetrical and compact design, which tapers towards the tool, the VH 20 milling head has a low interference contour and can be combined with spindles from various manufacturers.

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Minimal interference thanks to slim design

The fork head is a mono block cast version. Despite its small size, the VH10 reached high clamping forces and thus allows a stable component processing. An effective process cooling with cooling lubricants and/or minimum quantity lubrication are optionally available. In particular, the VH10 is suitable for aluminum and composite material, plastics, UREOL and clay milling.

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This milling head, that sets new standards

The M3ABC can machine different workpieces four times as fast as conventional 2-axis milling heads. This high-performance milling head is particularly suitable for complex processes, such as milling of conical pockets in structural components in the aerospace industry. With its constantly high advance rate and huge swiveling range the compact M3ABC offers almost unlimited flexibility.

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Working Ranges    
X-axis   2,500 / 5,000 / 7,500 mm
Y-axis   3,000 / 3,500 / 4,000 mm
Z-axis   1,250 / 1,500 mm
Table Size    
Length   2,500 mm / 5,000 mm / 7,500 mm
Width   3,000 mm / 3,500 mm / 4,000 mm
Heigth   250 mm
Table Load   8,000 kg/m2
    max. 35 t
T-Slots (longitudinal)   18H12
    optional 18H8
Pitch of T-Slots   250 mm
Drives - Linear Axes    
Feed Rate X-, Y-, Z-axis up to 60 m/min
Acceleration X-, Y-, Z-axis max. 3 - 5 m/s2
Dimensions, Weight    
Required Space (without peripherals) Length 5,600 / 8,100 / 10,600 mm
  Width 7,700 / 8,200 / 8,700 mm
  Height 6,300 / 6,800 mm
Standard Accuracy in accordance to VDI/DGQ 3441 or ISO 230-2
Special Accuracy on request

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