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High-performance solutions, fast reaction times and maximized material removal rates – these are all specific aerospace industry requirements. And unmistakable components of Zimmermann’s milling solutions. We will work together with you to develop custom-built horizontal machining centers and portal milling machines that more than surpass the demands of your specific applications and the materials you machine. Because this is the only way to guarantee an efficient overall milling process with exceptionally high-precision results and optimum surface quality.

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Clever fully-featured systems: Zimmermann for Airbus.

“Nowadays, portal milling machines in general have reached a very high level. What provides genuine value-added is fully-featured systems equipped with application-specific clamping technology that permits the rapid changeover of large components. Zimmermann’s milling solutions provide this value-added. Convenience of operation, versatility in use, economic efficiency and agility on the part of suppliers are everything. Zimmermann supplies individually customized solutions based on an economically priced standard approach.”

Dr. Achim von Arciszewski, Vice President Assembly VTP A380/A400M, Airbus

Carbon fiber

Zimmermann’s gantry machines and horizontal machining centers handle carbon fiber materials with outstanding precision. In particular when the task involves the squaring, drilling or milling of composite materials, skin machining or the manufacture of structural components. Alongside the precision that is required when machining carbon fiber, another vital factor is minimizing the deposition of hazardous dusts around the machine. To meet this specific need, Zimmermann has developed concepts that extract the hazardous dusts that are produced during machining. In this way, the extraction hoods located directly at the milling head ensure an optimized, safe milling process.


With machining levels of up to 96%, the series production of structural parts from aluminum demands extremely high machining performance. Zimmermann’s milling solutions are perfectly designed to meet this task. Achieving the necessary rigidity, in combination with optimized machining performance, is the key focus during the development of comprehensive system concepts. From the efficient disposal of the chips resulting from machining through to the reduction of thermal influences inside the machine – Zimmermann’s fully-featured solutions take account of every factor in the milling process and thus maximize the overall performance of the milling machines. Short throughput times, minimized idle times and maximum machine availability are the key to economically efficient milling solutions.


When machining tough materials such as titanium, what counts is to ensure a rigid, stable machine structure. As a result, Zimmermann’s milling solutions are able, for example, to machine drop-forged workpieces to a high level of precision at low speeds or to turn and mill engine components. The increased material removal rates result in consistently more efficient machining of large airplane components. The high-performance spindles and optimized rigidity permit enhanced, high-speed machining performance. Economic efficiency lies at the heart of all Zimmermann solutions, whether in the case of the portal milling machines or the horizontal machining centers.

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